List of usergroup-events

Some people asked whether it would be possible to get a list of usergroup-events.

And here it is: Head over to and have a look at all the events that are going to take place from now on.

You can also add this URL to your local calendaring-application and will always have an up-to-date calendar of all the usergroup-events we know of.

Depending on your Accept-Header you can get that list as HTML, iCalendar or JSON-version.

And as it is somewhat confusing when viewed as HTML-List we’ve also created a nice little calendar overview for you at It not only shows the known usergroup events but also gives an overview of PHP-related events on That, of course, requires these events to be tagged with php.

So what usergroup-events are listed? Glad you asked. Every usergroup can add a link to an iCalendar-file for their event-calendar. All we do here is to aggregate the contents of these calendars into one calendar. So when your usergroups events aren’t listed here, chances are great, that there is no link to an iCalendar-file associated with your usergroup. Fix that and your events will be listed within the next 245 hours. Why not immediately? Well, we are doing some caching in the background and that cache will be updated every 24 hours, so thanks for being patient.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us via our contact-form