Center the map on any reference point

So there is a lot of information hidden on the map at

There are three different layers hidden in the select-field on the lower left corner. It allows you to see

But that’s rather a lot of stuff on the map. And perhaps you want to directly link to your entry.

Here is how you do it.


You did provide a shortname for your usergroup when you promoted it. You can use that shortname to center the map to your groups location by calling<yourShortName>. Easy as that.


Your event has an ID on which is used for identifying your event. So all you have to do is call<YourEventsJoindInId>#joindin and you are ready to go.


You had to provide a github-account when you registered to PHPMentoring. (By the way: the location you provided there is what we take to get your geographic position. So if you fell you are in the wrong place, consider changing that location) That github-account can be used to center the map around your area. So you’ll have to call<YourGithubAccount>#phpmentoring to get your part of the map.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us via our contact-form